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Fogo Samba
- Music, animated flames, and moving slideshows add life to this website for a restaurant in Hong Kong.
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  • Fogo Samba

    Fogo Samba
    - Music, animated flames, and moving slideshows add life to this website for a restaurant in Hong Kong.
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  • Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital

    Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital
    - A custom logo and website created with a custom WordPress theme.
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  • Woodstock Cares

    Woodstock Foundation
    - A non-profit group that spreads the wealth to other charities.
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  • White Mountain Partners

    White Mountain Properties
    - A property development company that wanted a website to give a taste of their relaxing mountain living.
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  • Faulkner Law Offices

    Faulkner Law Offices
    - Lawyers typically think more in terms of the written and spoken word, so we created a visually interesting website for the Faulkner Law Offices that is more design oriented with rich visuals and animations to connect to their clients.
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  • Quik Action Plumbing

    Quik Action Plumbing
    - This is a redesign of a previous website to create a more visually appealing user experience and to make it easier to find needed information.
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  • Laura Lee Design

    Laura Lee Designs
    - A high design lighting company that needed a website to match their image, this website features a database of almost 1,000 products and a back end content management system (CMS) to allow the website owner to update their catalog.
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  • Fortis Commercial

    Fortis Commercial Real Estate
    - This commercial real estate company needed a website to show their professionalism, their team, and their available properties. Glorified slideshows were created to add interest and highlight their featured properties.
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  • BraceMax.com

    - A website designed in HTML with a flash animation header and integration with a PayPal shopping cart. We also developed a custom back end coupon code system to keep track of referral sales for approved physicians.
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